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(1/18/17)  The Richland County Highway Department has implemented a 10 ton weight limit on portions of nine county roads maintained by the Highway Department – it’s all in order to protect these roads from damage – the 10 ton weight limit will remain in effect until the roads firm up or until there’s a substantial freeze in the road base – all such roads are marked by respective 10 ton weight limit signs– so effective now until further notice, the following portions of county highways are under a 10 ton weight limit  :

* Prairieton Road, between Parkersburg Lane and the Wabash County line
* Seminary Road, between Illinois Route 130 and Shipley Road
* Bennington Road, between Seminary Road and the Edwards County line
* Wynoose Road, between Elbow Lane and the Wayne County line
* Higgin Switch Road, between U.S. Route 50 and Elbow Lane
* Seven Hills Lane, between Fox Road and Timber Trail Road
* Pleasant Ridge Lane, between Timber Trail Road and Passport Road
* Timber Trail Road, between Seven Hills Lane and Pleasant Ridge Lane
* Mt.Gilead Lane, between Illinois Route 130 and Wakefield Road
* Prairieton Road, between U.S. Route 50 and the Crawford County line

for more information, contact the Richland County Highway Department

also be aware of weight limits posted by the individual Townships in Richland County with their weight limit signs up as well