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Over 200 New Laws Starting January 1, 2015

here's just a few of the more important laws taking effect in 2015

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PA 98-0519 (SB 1898) Increases minimum mandatory coverage for liability insurance policies
The new law raises the required minimum coverage for 1) Bodily Injury or death to any one person from $20,000 to $25,000; 2) Bodily Injury or Death of 2 or more persons in any one accident from $40,000 to $50,000; and 3) Injury to or destruction of property from $15,000 to $20,000. Only apply to policies issued or renewed on or after January 1, 2015.


PA 98-0930 (HB 5623) Local government email
Local officials will be required to each maintain an email address accessible to members of the public.  The law does allow for the use of uniform single email addresses (for multiple officials) or individual email addresses.


PA 98-0738 (HB 5503) Local audit reports
In response to the ex-treasurer/comptroller of the City of Dixon who was convicted for embezzling at least $30 million of the city’s funds, this law provides greater oversight and review of the financial activities, auditing practices, and financial status of municipalities and counties to help prevent such a theft of public funds in the future.


PA 98-1093 (SB 1048) Protects senior citizen assets from fraud
Creates a new Act to protect elderly citizens from unauthorized changes to their property valued over $200,000 by a caregiver. Property such as a will, trust, deed, form designated as payable on death, contract or other beneficiary designation form.  Exempts close family members.


PA 98-0879 (SB 3255) Eases requirements for disabled veteran parking placards
This law removes a requirement that a disabled parking placard or decal which has been issued to a veteran must be renewed every four years. The new law states that once a disabled parking placard or decal has been issued to a veteran who has been permanently disabled, that veteran does not have to keep coming back to the Secretary of State’s office for a renewal every four years.


PA 98-0869 (HB 5475) Gold Star specialty license plates
Surviving sons and daughters of military Gold Star recipients are now included among those who may be issued Gold Star specialty license plates by the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office. Those already eligible for the plates are surviving widows/widowers, siblings and parents.


PA 98-0902 (HB 4491) Purple Heart license plate fee waiver
To honor those who have served in the military and earned the Purple Heart, Illinois will now waive the payment of any registration or registration renewal fee for an individual issued a Purple Heart license plate.

PA 98-0983 (HB 5868) Electronic cigarettes
Amends the Display of Tobacco Products Act, providing that alternative nicotine products (electronic cigarettes) must be sold from behind the counter or in an age restricted area or in a sealed display case.


PA 98-0638 (SB 2727) Banning synthetic microbeads in cosmetic products
Prohibits the manufacture or sale of any cosmetic products that contains synthetic plastic microbeads, a pollutant composed of non-biodegradable solid plastic particle used to exfoliate or cleanse in a rinse-off product.


PA 98-0898 (HB 4277) Disability sport fishing licensing exemption
Blind or disabled residents in Illinois will once again be able to fish with commercial fishing devices without holding a sports fishing license.


PA 98-0915 (HB 5082) Allows larger fish nets in certain circumstances
Amends the Fish & Aquatic Life Code to provide that casting nets shall not be larger than 24 feet in diameter or of a mesh larger than one inch bar measurement.  The bill allows some species of carp to be taken with a casting net or a shad scoop and used as bait on the body of water where they are collected, if the fish are killed immediately by a validly licensed sport fisherman.  The bill also allows certain fish to be taken with a casting net or a shad scoop and used for live or dead bait where collected, by a person with a valid sport fishing license.


PA 98-1033 (SB 3049) New protected species. The gray wolf, American black bear, and cougar are now included on the list of protected species under the Wildlife Code. The law also provides that an owner or tenant of property that is in imminent danger from one of these animals may kill the animal without restriction.


PA 98-1072 (HB 5085) Industrial Hemp Research and Production Act
This law creates the Industrial Hemp Research and Production Act.  It sets up rules and regulations for growing industrial hemp in Illinois through the Department of Agriculture.


PA 98-0650 (SB 3411) Ban police ticket quotas
The law prohibits county, municipal, conservation, and state police agencies from implementing ticket quotas.


PA 98-0666 (HB 4418) Referendum to dissolve municipal fire departments
Requires municipalities with 500 or more residents to seek approval from the electorate in a referendum before dissolving a full-time fire department.


PA 98-0880 (HB 4523) Improving rural emergency medical services
In communities smaller than 7500, a member of an ambulance crew may provide services up to the highest level for which he or she is licensed, regardless of the level of the ambulance itself. The new law gives rural EMS providers more options for staffing their ambulances by allowing Pre-Hospital Registered Nurses to staff the ambulance and offer those services they are licensed to provide.


PA 98-0942 (SB 2620) Weight limit standards for emergency repair vehicles
During an emergency, such as flooding, sewer trucks may need to operate with heavier loads to facilitate completion of emergency work.


PA 98-0737 (HB 5468) Window tinting certificate renewal
Permits a person who has been issued medical certificates allowing tinted windows on their vehicle to renew their medical certificate every 4 years rather than annually.


PA 98-0775 (SB 2636) Use of medical cannabis for minors
Amends the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act to add the use of medical cannabis for seizures and epilepsy including for minors under the age of 18.


PA 98-1091 (SB 647) Remote access to healthcare
Increases access to healthcare by allowing patients to seek treatment and/or consultation from their physician remotely (not in person).


PA 98-1125 (SB 3538) Protecting the disabled from fraud and abuse
It is a Class C misdemeanor to knowingly and falsely represent oneself as the legal guardian or public guardian of a disabled individual.


PA 98-0628 (HB 2317) Allows for property tax bill to be sent via e-mail upon request
Permits County Treasurers to send property tax bills via e-mail if the property owner or taxpayer makes a request in writing.


PA 98-1089 (SB 352) Internet sales tax collection
Will allow the State to use an Internet “click-through” relationship as a way to demand that the Internet retailer collect and remit sales taxes to the State of Illinois.


PA 98-0801 (HB 4207) Adding cyber-bullying to the school code
Requires all schools, public or private to add cyber-bullying into the school code and policy to investigate an act of bullying.


PA 98-0883 (HB 2513) Building storm shelters in new schools
This law requires all new school construction in Illinois to include a storm shelter which meets the minimum requirements of the International Code Council and National Storm Shelter Association.


PA 98-0697 (SB 2731) Safety for persons towed by watercraft
Amends the Boat Registration & Safety Act to require operators of a watercraft towing a person to display an orange flag on their watercraft from the time the person prepares for towing until the person reenters the boat.


PA 98-0698 (SB 3433) Boating safety certificates
Provides that no one born on or after January 1, 1998 shall operate a motorboat with more than 10 horse power without securing a valid Boating Safety Certificate by the Department of Natural Resources or another approved agency.


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